Bug in investment page

This is the problem i am facing in investment page.

Please help me out.

Hi Devansh,

That shouldn’t have happened. We are here to help. We will bring this issue to the attention of the relevant team for review and investigation. We will keep you updated once we hear back from the team.

Appreciate your patience.

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@Devansh_Bartwal How did you land on the mutual fund onboarding journey - via PN, marketing card etc.? You have been investing with us. You should not have landed on the MF onboarding screen.

I opened invest page, there it showed that get 50 jewels after completing your profile.

@Devansh_Bartwal We have identified the issue and will resolved it in 2-3 hrs.

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Aren’t jewels being given now to bug hunters?

@Devansh_Bartwal If a member found the bug, then yes.
Meanwhile, this particular one was found by our QA team before. We picked it up as soon as you raised it :v:

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