Millennials love Aesthetics! Free Skins for Cards!

Its no hidden fact that our TG at Jupiter are the Instagram raised population, we like things that look good, feel good and have a “where did you get this from” factor.

Every other neo bank is thinking of giving a metal card free when you sign up. How about we give them free skins for their plastic card and let them customize it themselves with a few presets that we may have.

This not only helps us with our word of mouth marketing, but also, customization on the card adds a sense of belonging (right in the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

Advantages -

  1. Customization, thus everyone may think their card is unique
  2. A fraction of the cost of a metal card, thus reissuing a broken or stolen metal card is cost effective
  3. An aesthetically good looking card markets itself, thus, increasing brand value and exposure

You can see what I am talking about on -

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on this!


Omg this sounds so cool!
Can’t wait to get Money heist skin on my card :stuck_out_tongue:


But doesn’t each and every neo bank so far has created their own colors and their own unique designs into brands ? Why will it be any different here ?


The branding of every Neobank is usully on the app. The card for all these neobanks look almost the same.

Its the same plastic card. What i am proposing here is, what if the user could customize a funny meme with his name on it to stick it onto his card?

Now this will stand out and he/she will even post this on his social media and tell his/her friends about it

This significantly increases the brand exposure for Jupiter and reduces the CAC (cost of acquiring customer) too.


I still believe that people will not put an effort to upload a design or make their own card design unless it’s easy peasy. Running a poll to get a sentiment from other folks.

  • I am good with Jupiter branded card
  • Give me 3-5 card options to choose from
  • Give me Jupiter card but let me customise something in that
  • I want to upload my design and get a personalised card

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Thanks for the poll Soumya! We now understand that people love to personalize things!

Wow, this sounds awesome, would want to gift this to my sister on her birthday, can I like share some particular picture as well or is there a catalog I would have to choose from?

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