Manually adding Bank balance in networth

I have a SBI zero balance account, Fi, Niyox, Jupiter, Kerala Gramin Bank accounts and some other dead accounts.

In my networth it is showing only Jupiter, Jupiter pots and Equitas bank (niyox).

SBI and fi (federal bnk) is supported by networth but is not showing in the networth. I was thinking of an option to manually edit/ add bank accounts in the networth. I tried setting up sms alert with SBI and showed some errors in SBI side and transaction messages doesnt show final balance.

Is there any alternative ideas to add SBI bank balance like creating an sms in exact format of SBI or something :joy:

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Same here I have 4 account but it shows only for 2. :sweat_smile:

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Yes, it’s possible to add it, i too had issue where i had received sms of TRX but that bank was not showing up in networth,you need to raise request via help and share the last 4 digit of the account and they should be able to add your bank in the networth. It was done in the same way for me


Thnx for the help. I should do it now :ok_hand: