Jupiter Payments Page

Idea is having a simple url… something like url/myid and it would have all ways to receive payments from users. It will have options to payme through UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card… you get the idea.

That way I can receive payment from my small side gigs and receive payments or simply having a fixed place on internet where people can pay me on Jupiter can be awesome.


Its like the one by razorpay . It would certainly attract many youtubers and content creators. :ok_hand:


Yeah. More importantly my clients/peers can send money to me in any way they find convenient.


Razorpay is a good option, for the registered businesses. And Razorpay’s integration with other no-code platforms works really well. Say you wanna automate with Zapier / Integromat they’ve the integrations in place to automate your workflow.

For Individuals (Or Unregistered) their settlement time is usually more than 3 working days (typically 3-5).

And there is open.money a neo-banking which recently integrated the Payment Gateway & Payment Links with their banking offering (But they even charge for UPI @ 1.95%+GST)

Quite frankly, I find it Paytm’s Linking Solution to be reliable and inexpensive (Ofcourse customer support is pathetic there). Cashfree & PayU also offering similar payment solutions.

Hopefully the platform fees gets lower for atleast UPI & RuPay.


These platforms charges are what keeps me from using them.

If Jupiter has its own payments page then it would be really revolutionary.


I really agree with it. I had used razorpay to get donations for my channel :sweat_smile:. The user friendliness of razorpay is really awesome. I could make :
1.payments page
2.Set minimum and max amount
3.customise URL to the page
4.Add headers, text and a logo to it
5.Allow UPI, netbanking, cards to pay
6.Comes with 4-5 preset designs of the page…

I stopped using them because they charge too much and I had issues with them on releasing the money to my bank account.

There are lots of neobanks out there, some like fi is better than jupiter in terms of banking and features… Payments page could be something that could propel jupiter.

Payment page should be more customer centric. Thats my view on this :upside_down_face: