Jupiter PAN India Availability

Need clarification from the Jupiter Team Regarding this issue. @Jiten has clearly communicated previously that Jupiter is available PAN India. But still when many people tried to open their account from all over India they face similar issues. It’s a major concern nowadays since all professionals are working from home from their native in this pandemic. Without this Jupiter will lose out on a major chunk of bank users. @Bankofthefuture @sneh.baxi Please clarify whether this is some real non availability or bug? Cause going by @Jiten 's words it should not even be happening in the first place.


@Jiten Why is it happening? Sir you have clearly communicated previously that it will be available PAN India and it is needed as well since many of us professionals are working from home from their native due to this pandemic. But now I see this. Is this an error or is it for real it’s not available?? I live in West Bengal. Pin Code -722203

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Let team come back on this @Bankofthefuture @sneh.baxi

@Jiten @Bankofthefuture @sneh.baxi Can you please clarify whether Jupiter is really not available PAN India or is it some error?? Because Jiten clearly communicated that it will be available for PAN India. So I’m expecting it should be a bug, cause its completely impossible that the CEO of Jupiter have wrong info about his own product. Please clarify it fast. I’m not able to on board because of this since yesterday.

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@Jiten @Bankofthefuture @sneh.baxi
Sir. None of your team members replied to the availability concern of ours. Please don’t keep your customers in confusion. Clarify what is being done for this? Whether the product serviceable PAN India or not as you communicated earlier? Please don’t ignore such an important question.

What’s your location? Pls ping Sneh at Sneh.baxi@jupiter.money

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Sure Sir. I have sent my address and error screenshot to Sneh’s email. And FYI I’m from West Bengal and my pin code is - 722203.

Many of my friends and Relatives here are also interested in Jupiter’s Proposition to this Neo Banking Solution. None of them including me will be able to get this Jupiter Experience if not available.

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Sir. I’m not getting any response from @sneh.baxi neither here in the community nor via mail. Can’t able to on board for the same reason. Jupiter Team please help on my issue.

Sneh will reach out to you on Monday

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Hi Sir,
neither @sneh.baxi nor Nihar replied to my mails yet. I’m not getting any response from them. Please have a look at my issue. It’s more than a week I got beta access but still can’t onboard because of this.

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Seems like there is issue in your pincode serviceability

What does it mean?
Does it mean that my place isn’t serviceable?
or does it mean it will take couple more days to fix this issue and then I can open my account?

Wow this is the response I get after trying and waiting for so many months. I even asked previously also whether they service PAN India or not, if Jupiter Team would’ve given me correct info that time then I wouldn’t have to waste so much time and effort for Jupiter. All these FirstList position, referals, all these community posts. All in Waste.

FYI in this year itself I have opened Axis Bank account and all communications including physical bank statements comes perfectly every month via India Post. I even live just opposite of Post Office.

I have applied ICICI Bank Credit Card also this year and everything comes perfectly to my place.

And if I consider Fintech companies then I got Slice Card not even 1 month ago and it also came perfectly via Indian Post. Their Finance Partners are also not much popular, still they service all India.

On the other hand you guys have Federal Bank as finance partner here. And nearest Federal Bank Branch from my place is 40 Km away. So Bank non availability not an issue.

I have seen post in this community itself that you guys sent Debit Cards via Indian Post. So Logistic can’t be an issue.

Now here comes some hidden servicebility issue which you may don’t want to disclose. It’s Fine. But atleast you could’ve taken FirstList applications and referals only after taking pin code as an inputs, If you knew from the start that you won’t service PAN India. Then so many people like me won’t have to waste their time and effort on this false promise.

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Debit card is send by Courier Partner Bluedart may be Your area is not serviceable by Bluedart.

I have already have a Account In Federal Bank and my branch is 100+KM away still Area is serviceable issue is with Bluedart.

They also sent via Indian Post. Logistics not an issue bro. It’s some hidden serviceability issue probably.

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May be Bank Blacklisted Area See I’m not sure about that.

But I think.

Looks like you are from West Bengal. I am also from West Bengal and onboarding went smooth.

I did not want to post it here because I thought team might be able to handle it on email only

I got beta access last week, still not able to onboard, stuck on a page. I notified about it to support team last week, still no working solution.

Most of the time I’m getting a template reply.

I’m not getting any positive response at all. Emailed multiple times.

Where r u stuck? Hope you are not existing user for federal bank directly or otherwise.

I don’t agree with you on this. Because they declared earlier that Jupiter will be available PAN India and now they are saying something irrelevant that they are serviceable in some 1500+ cities/towns which doesn’t make any sense.