Welcome Kit Unboxed

Got it today via India Post @JupiterTeam IMG_0521|440x500


I recieved the Kit via BlueDart
The process was pretty simple and really quick .
I placed request for Debit card on 03rd July 2021 and today I recieved the same .
Special thanks to @Jiten for letting me onboard the banking services .
Few images here :slight_smile:


Loving it! Loving it! and Lovinnngggg it!!

Got mine delivered today, the photo doesn’t do justice to how elegant this looks. Can’t wait to step out & see people react when I hand over the card for payment. The stickers in the kit are also really cool! Great job team!!


Don’t know why but in this image the Debit card look just like the Finin Debit card except for that Orange colour😁.

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