Jupiter not working with Airtel Network

Hey @Shawnpinto

Everything working good and smoothly but when i open jupiter app it says “No network”

Look into this

It’s working fine on both the Airtel mobile and fiber connection for me :roll_eyes:

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@Satyajit_Singh @Binoy It was not airtel’s issue. It was jupiter’s i think.

I checked jupiter when he posted it. Jupiter was not opening in jio and fiber. (Later started working, so i didnt post anything)

Watch this jupiter slow - YouTube


Hey @Satyajit_Singh which service provider do you use? and let us know if it’s still happening for you.
Thanks for sharing this @Aswin_Benny :slight_smile:

I have using Airtel

Now it’s working fine

Airtel, gotcha.
We’ll still need to look into this to see why this happened :mag:

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@Shawnpinto I tried
:zap:jio+ cloudflare dns
:zap:Broadband+ cloudflare dns

That time i checked all these possibilities and still end up at loading screen

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