Jupiter for IOS

So many months have passed. Till now jupiter didn’t released an iOS app. This is rubbish from yur end. No beta app verson also not released. Why are u considering apple users as third class citizens. At least give as testflight link to test beta app.


It’s not about treating Apple users as third class citizens… It’s just that the development revolving apple products has a bit more friction to it. It’s a totally different environment with XCode, Objective-C/Swift development plus Apple has strict guidelines revolving around privacy so there are more checkpoints to clear. Not only Jupiter, many apps have delayed timeline between Android and iOS release. Even BGMI. And Apple have their own SDKs for deeper integration so you have to code according to those frameworks separately as well.

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We are targeting the release next week on IOS… But that’s our goal

Are you planning for Testflight link for users or App Store release?

That’s not true at all. There are no such issues from apple development environment. Its actually easy to mange and release app in iOS compare to android. In android we have deal with different device compatibilities from different manufacturers with different hardware configurations. Both apps can be released altogether may be a little delay with one another. It all depends upon priority. Major companies always plan and released iOS and Android apps all together. But most Indian start ups think different, they release android as a priority. Same thing happened with Bullet app.

It’s all supply and demand. Majority of the people use Android in India. So iOS development is mostly delayed. Plus App Store review process is a bit stricter than Android. There are plus and minuses of both platforms.
iOS development is easy, in context to a place where the market share of iOS devices is more dominant.

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@Bankofthefuture . Why there is difficult in developing ios app. At least give as testflight link to test beta app on ios. Why are you not giving test flight link. Reason is simple, even beta version not released. You are not giving priority to ios users because they are only few ios users in india. This is not expecting from jupiter app