Request: Technical articles

For geeks in the community, it would be very engaging if we have regular technical articles. Also an introduction of the tech team, what stack is being used, future goals etc. Not sharing these info is no longer a trade secret. A lot of confident companies out there do it. The best example I can think of right now is Zerodha. Their technical team is very awesome. The articles by their CTO are such a class. Zerodha has this moat, their superior tech, transparency, and a community.
Anything from Jupiter’s technical side would be welcome. What do you all think?


Absolutely my initial reasons for joining the community.

Yes interested to know which technology is being used to create Jupiter app. Flutter or Java/Kotlin and Swift?

Most probably some cross platform tools like Flutter or React.

If Flutter or React Native, then iOS app would have come long back as there is single codebase for both Android and iOS.

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This is something we are working on. It will be posted on

Regarding the app platform: the Jupiter app is in react native, while bullet is in flutter. Both apps also have a few very significant native components written in Swift & Kotlin.


Amazing! Loved the post. Jupiter just got more beautiful for some of us :heart:.