Any opportunities for Software Engineer Internship at Jupiter?

I’ve been using Jupiter from a long time and really loved the design of the app (never imagined I’d open a banking app this many times). I would be glad if I get to work with the team and build Jupiter :rocket:

I’ve past internship experience at Niyo and Tracelink, and have good grasp of React and Web Development concepts, and I’m willing to dive into app development!

Here is my LinkedIn :

Would be glad to connect!!! Looking forward to your response :slight_smile:


Hey @kartikeyyy

Let’s connect and see if we can collaborate together!
Pinging you :email:


How you apply for internship in niyo??
Can you tell me the process.

@Shawnpinto can help you with this @Honey5197. All the best!

@alexnazy I don’t think this is for Jupiter :blob_worried:
@Honey5197 I’d suggest connecting with the Niyo team instead!

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@Shawnpinto Sorry… :grimacing:

@Honey5197 Why don’t you try Jupiter? You have people like Shawn who are responsive. And Jupiter community members are welcome at Jupiter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is any internship program also running in Jupiter ?