Product releases

Over last couple of weeks, I have seen a bit of dissatisfaction in our enthusiast community members over the delays in releases. I think I need to clarify why we are not comfortable releasing half baked product. This is a product which consumer trusts to highest level in fintech by parking his/her money. So, if I as a consumer can’t have access to my money or have issue in making transaction, I feel annoyed. I don’t expect others to be forgiving with us.
We have taken this concisous call that any product release has to meet basic quality checks in terms of security, reliability and usability. Else, we won’t release. Few of community users already bashed us couple of times for facing bugs in live product. so we have become more cautious post that feedback and won’t release any product which doesn’t pass our quality checks. We are ok to face heat for delays but not ok for facing heat for quality issues.
Hope you would appreciate the same. Also, pls have basic trust that we are more keen to scale and push products faster as it benefits Jupiter.