Jupiter alternative to Axis Grab Deals and HDFC Smartbuy

Jupiter should start a service like Axis bank ‘grab deals’. To my knowledge it looks like an affiliate cashbacks service similar to cashkaro and gopaisa .

I think I may have posted about the same before,(couldnt find it now).

Jupiter can provide these extra cashbacks when users purchase through the affiliate links inside the jupiter app. To track if purchase is done or not, Jupiter can mandate users to purchase via Jupiter’s debit card.

From my point of view these extra cashbacks on using debit card may force users to use the cards more than UPI and they will get a satisfaction having an extra reward.
Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

found the previous thread:


SBI also have a similar service with Gyftr.


I also want this feature but,

This type of App have problem of Accuracy of Order tracking.

Many user raise complaint that their order are not tracking properly.

You can see cashkaro complaints.


I have been using both HDFC SmartBuy and SBI Gyftr, and I must say that I have never encountered any issues with either platform, and all of my orders have been processed instantly.


I also not faced this problem more than just once.

I was just try covering negative points of this. And sometimes App need to burn cash from their side too.

Otherwise its really Rewading Concept. personally, I have saved more than 1000 rs with “:money_with_wings: Karo App” :smile:


To track the purchase, make it mandatory to purchase via jupiter debit card … something like that can help maybe :slightly_smiling_face: