Jupiter account phone number lost access

I recently lost my sim card on which my jupiter account was. I called the customer care to either let me access the account as i had all the details with me or to block and delete the account but neither was possible because they said i no longer had access to the phone number
Mannn that sucks. I haven’t been able to use jupiter ever since and have uninstalled it.

Unfortunately, Jupiter is not supporting mobile number change without the old mobile number access.

I think they should address this as many people are complaining of the same in the community.


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@alexnazy Work in progress on this one.

Though I generally wonder how people just lose their old number. It’s always amazed me as there are so many ways to get the original number reactivated unless someone doesn’t really want to or it never belonged to the user in the first place…


Do not make fool to the people.
If the number is your, you reganarated the old sim by adhar card .
Do not disturbe community by your nonsense word.

@Ritam_Maity I can’t comprehend what you want to put across.

May be we can connect directly to understand your exact problem. I would appreciate if you could DM me when to connect with you on this.

@Abhinav_Goyal Noted.

True, it’s not that hard to get a duplicate SIM AFAIK