Jewels earned showing 0

After transaction to Swiggy or any other platform. Receiving notification saying earned 0 jewels. But it should be count of total earned jewels instead of 0.

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I upgraded my account to salary account, after which I’ve made few transactions (fuel, groceries) but haven’t earned any jewels. Shows zero :thinking:

Oh no, that shouldn’t have happened @niranjan_kumar
@Ankit_Misra check this out ^

@Topredd Let me connect with you on DM :slight_smile:

Yes please @Shawnpinto

Hey @niranjan_kumar :wave:t3:

We’ve identified the issue. The jewels that you’re supposed to earn in that transaction were credited. The team is checking why this happened, thanks for raising this.

Let’s keep an eye on future jewel credited transactions :blob_thanks:

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Jewels credited immediately. But I am just pointing out the issue where it shows 0 in notification.

I am also facing the same issue for the past 3 transactions I’m not receiving jewels.