Issue in Generating Interest Certificate

I was trying to generate Interest certificate for the previous Financial Year on my Android Device , I’m was presented with below error message but i still received the interest certificate on my mail.

@Sukesh_Pabba this could be a temporary issue. Please try again in sometime. If the issue persists, record a video from a different device and please report this issue to the support team. Share the video with them which will help them to try and recreate the issue.

Even though it says "something went wrong " , i still received the interest certificate :sweat_smile::joy:.

This definitely a bug that needs to be reported via the support channel.


Where is that option.

To download your interest certificate, please follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Select “Account Services.”
  • Click on the option for “Interest Certificate” to initiate the download.

For me it only shows the bank account statement and the check book option there.

The option will start showing up once you have been paid interest on pots as well as savings account

I have been paid on saving

I hadn’t seen it before and saw it today. If you do not find in it, then please report the bug via the support channel.

You can still download it from Federal Bank certificate portal -

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I got this error after otp and the captcha

I tested this now. I recieved interest certificate in my email without any issues :sweat_smile:

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