Interest certificate generation is live 🚀

It’s here! :star_struck:

What’s the update? :thinking:
We have launched a new feature - ‘Interest certificate generation’. This will allow you to generate the interest certificate within the app :scroll:

Users may require the interest certificate for income declaration purposes for tax filing. Hence, we have provided a way to download your interest certificates containing the total interest credited for the specified period of time for all your associated accounts.

How to find it? :eyes:

  1. Settings > account details > Interest certificate
  2. Transaction list > Request statement > Generate your interest certificate (purple banner)

Do try it out. Let us know what can be improved :slight_smile:
Make sure you have the latest version of the app.


Bro dont post your adhar details here… Many people are here other than jupiter employees… Communication address change is currently not available to my knowledge… I am also waiting for that feature


Please don’t share such identification details on a public platform. There is a high chance such things may be misused by fraudsters.


@Shawnpinto my balance to me after seeing this post :grin: :grin:

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I got 3 rs :joy:


Oh no! Please do not post your private information here.
I’ve removed it :+1:t4:

Lemme help you out @A_KUMAR . Pinging you directly.