Is this email genuine?

It appears to be from

Looks legit to me.

Do you suggest me talking to my lawyer or CA before replying to this email?

Your acc may have been flagged by them, so they wanna know what’s going on with the activity. It’s rare, but happens.

They need an explanation as to clear the risk. I’d recommend talking to them bout it. Easiest way is Telegram. Jupiter has a group in there. Or use the app for support.

@Shawnpinto looping you into this.

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Can you please share the telegram group.

I’m unable to share it, but you can search for it in telegram.

Here’s the group name:

Unable to find this tele group even by searching

That’s strange. Unless the group’s private, you should be able to search for it.

I’d recommend using Jupiter app and contacting them via chat/ call directly.

Hey @Chadpitt ,

The email is from Jupiter. You don’t have to speak to a CA for this.
Your next steps would be to answer the 3 questions via email to the team.