International Wire Deposit

How long does an international Wire Deposit takes to arrive guys ???

It’s been 7 days now I’m still waiting on it

@Shivkumardelhi i don’t think any of us are aware of the timelines associated with the international inward remittance with Jupiter. You will get inputs from us for other platforms.

It is highly recommended you raise this with the support team by sending them an email at


I receive in 3-5 days usually . (I think u r referring to the deposit via Swift code :thinking:, mine was from adsense)…

if it is from google adsense, their official blog says that if it exceeds 15 days then should contact google as well as the bank (I think its 15)

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Hello, @Shivkumardelhi! Good morning and a warm welcome to the community. I wanted to share an article from Jupiter that I believe will be helpful to you. :+1: :+1:

If the maximum waiting period is offer, you can either mail to for support or DM all the relevant details here to Shawn Pinto, our Community Manager :+1: He can help you

I don’t have any idea about it. But I would highly recommend you use the WISE app for international payments, legit you can give them your UPI ID and they can make payments from any corner of the world.

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