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Fellas we are back and this week’s app is IndWealth
Have you been using it to track your investments? Share your experience :arrow_down:

How is your experience on Indwealth so far? Please post detailed comments by replying to this post.

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  1. It gives you a synoptic view of your entire portfolio across MFs, RE, stocks, PMS and PPF/EPF.
  2. Their CAS parser does an excellent job and makes the task of uploading MF data a cinch.
  3. Integration with brokers like Zerodha also provides a very good overview of your stocks portfolio.
  4. The feature I love the most is tax computation. If you have multiple transactions in MFs, and stocks, it can be difficult to keep track of the gains and losses.
  5. Free credit score checks every month is an added bonus.


  1. Their EPF implementation is a front-end scraping implementation which means that they store your username/password in plain text.
  2. I do find their alerts very obstrusive, and they push a lot of these alerts.
  3. They do not allow you to manually edit you trades in stocks after you’ve de-linked your broker account. (I delinked it for privacy/security concerns after realizing that the EPF implementation was a scraping implementation)
  4. I have mixed feelings about their advisory, it’s useful but at the same time I do not believe that they have a fiduciary duty towards your portfolio and can push products on which they can take a cut. (this is the model of most fintech products which don’t charge you a subscription fees) It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of pushing products which benefit the company and you.
  5. Without knowing their business model, it’s difficult to trust a FinTech which sells it’s products for free.

I downloaded it recently and the app is beyond my expectations. It has a lot of required features which makes users track every investment at one place. I loved it. I wish NPS as well as LIC investments too which is very much required as a lot of people will be definitely having LIC as well as NPS accounts.

The app is a very good idea. Poor execution. app takes forever to load. SMS parsing to get expenses often misses items. Interested to use this app but will wait till developers can make it better

I agree with all the points above.
However, would love to see the following features in future:

  1. Tracking Nominee details across all investment instruments.
  2. Sharing financial information to the nominee so that he/she can do needful, or maybe some way to provide him/her a standardized single process.

Indweath is a great app for keep your finances sorted. One can invest in different assets class like mutual funds, stocks, bonds and also track their investments and liabilities. Loved the super personalized advisories.

Have been using their app for sometime. The integration with my Holdings and EPF was seamless . The updates are pretty regular and keep me updated with what is happening with my holdings , overall the interface is nice. May take the plunge going forward for advisory service as well. Impressed with them by far.

So far, So good :relieved:
One suggestion on Tracking US stocks, mostly people receive RSU from their current employer, would be good if details can be imported from the platform.

Just in love with the Indwealth app.

Let me give you detailed feedback:

  1. Solves for one use case (tracking net worth) very elegantly.
  2. Adding Zerodha and Kotak securities account was clean and easy.
  3. Adding MF via giving access of email was smooth and didnt require much pain.
    (for me MF + securities are major part of my investments)
  4. Love the dividend was initiated for your X stock notification.

What they could do better is:

  1. Auto-refresh of the MF every month and show the refresh date to the users.
  2. One does not remember passwords of EPF accounts so is there another way to get that EPF amount - maybe ask it similar to PPF (amount and monthly contribution).
  3. No bitcoin addition capabilities yet
  4. Advisory section has too many articles daily - can you categorise into must read / good to read / editors choice of sorts?

Addition of the insurance section so that people can track their health car, home, term life and life insurance would make managing and monitoring investments super easy!

there is some thing called eIA e-insurance account introduced by irda for the same purpose
Here is the link Link

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