Incorrect Money spend shown in Credit card statements

I received my credit card yesterday and I have started using them for my daily expenses. But today I noticed that the statement of the expense shows additional amount charged than the original expense. This is particularly seen in Fuel expenses. I refuelled for 800 rupees but the statement shows 810 rupees as the amount spent. Similar issue is also seen again when I refuelled for 150 rupees but the statement shows 168 something amount spent for that expense which is not correct. I would like to get to know what this is all about and get a clarification regarding the matter.

Hai @RajRahul
This has to be the fuel surcharge amount

@RajRahul As @razack pointed out, this is fuel surcharge which is charged on all card (debit & credit) transactions.

As of now the only way to avoid these charges are get credit cards/debit cards having the feature of fuel surcharge waiver (even those cards have caps on how much surchage can be waived). Or the easier option is to pay through UPI or cash.

Even UPI might start charging in the near future.

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@RajRahul Please refer these Key Fact Statements regarding fuel charges and its waiver, of Edge Visa CC (1st one) and Edge CSB Rupay CC (2nd one).