Improved QR code scanning experience 🚀

That’s great news… Jupiter is making everyday exiting.

I remember writing about this only last week (I understand the team might have worked on this even before that). But just to see what I wanted being implemented so soon makes me happy.

Oh… the peek-a-boo scan and pay button is fun!!! :wink:

And displaying balance on the payment page is a nice touch. Kudos!

Keep up the good work. Thanks!

That is totally me… I don’t think any other app has this option (displaying the balance on the payment page). That’s a nice thought. Thanks @JupiterTeam

@Pratyushh I don’t use the payments account for savings and vice versa. So displaying the total balance doesn’t bother me. But I understand your concern. One account to rule them all! :wink:

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Great…But as suggested by others, kindly remove the QR scanner near card details

Scan QR Code repetition has been fixed in the new Update, but the balance on QR Code scan page has not been hidden.

So, I assume that is not something Jupiter team is working on @Shawnpinto ?


Yep. The repetitive QR code button has been replaced with POTS.
For the balance being shown on the QR code scanning page, we’ll be needing a bit more time on that. As we need more use cases and reasons to change/modify it.


It would better if there was an eye option near the balance on scan screen just like its on the home tab,
I dont want others to se my acc balance while i’m paying.
Its not something that everyone wants ig but for the people who prefer privacy its an important feature.


IMO Privacy and Security takes top priority over anything. It’s a binary problem for me.

Balance display on Scanner: NO Jupiter UPI use
No balance display on Scanner: YES to Jupiter UPI

@Navharsh_Kr I think an option in settings would be much better. Tapping on the eye option everytime is too much work.

Anyways, so long Jupiter UPI.
Hope to be back using it, iff Jupiter adds an option to hide it.


I hope you have the eye button on the scan screen,So people can tap when they want to see the balance.

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Its added in the app ig very recently


Soon we’ll be able to hide the balance while scanning the QR code :slight_smile:
It’ll come in the next app update.


yayyy! That’ll be an improvement. I hope I’ll not have to do it everytime, I open the scanner. :see_no_evil:

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I hope it will be hidden by default and can be unhidden when required.

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Yep, it’s hidden by default!

Thanks for fixing this TEAM JUPITER.

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:


Kudos to the team @Jiten @Shawnpinto for taking the feedback and implementing the balance by default on the QR scan page.


@nateavi We do have a QR code for the Jupiter account that can be shared with others.
But currently it’s not shown upfront - We’re working on this part.

Here’s how you can find it -

  1. Head over to settings
  2. Click on payment settings
  3. Manage UPI accounts
  4. Click on Jupiter account settings
  5. You’ll be able to see the QR code and can share it.

Hope this helps.

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Jeezus @Shawnpinto ! That’s quite the scenic route. Hope we can get it switched to a much simpler n “less clicky” process :smile:


I have some feedback about the QR Scanner, while the design is great, there is a lack of feedback when the scanner completes a scan, it is just a small thing but it is what I have come to expect from countless other UPI apps, when the scan is successful, there should be haptic feedback! This should be an easy fix! Please look into this


Absolutely! I second this feedback. We need more animations. Maybe a rocket whoosh sound perhaps. Anything that makes the user experience feel snappy and exciting!


Updates to the QR code scanner
We’ve now added a QR code icon. Clicking on it shows your QR code for receiving payments (Jupiter account). This will be out in version 1.5.25 :slight_smile:

The recent payees section is WIP. We’re thinking about it.

There’s a small Jupiter icon in the middle too!


Woohoo!!! Can’t wait.