Idfc future FIRST saving account

When i visit idfc first bank to opean future first zero balance saving account.
They told thay cannot provide zero balance saving account and thay only opean 10K and 25K mab account.
What i do?
How opean idfc future FIRST saving account ?

Is there a zero balance savings account in IDFC?!
I didn’t know about it!
If they refuse again, tell them that I want to talk to the manager regarding this.

Future first saving account made for only student.
The account provided lifetime free debit card with no AMC charges and also same features like 10k maintenance account.

I checked with my branch. This account is only available to people who are currently studying and less than 30 Years in age.

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It is their way of rejecting, I as a student approached multiple banks and all of them said currently they are not onboarding under that scheme.
So , I think the most banks just don’t want 0 balance accounts.

Which City area you from?
Check with other Idfc Branches

By the way some people are also getting the IDFC 10K variant as 0 balance. I am also getting. Between 0 balance 10K variant and future’s first which one is better?

I haven’t used it and I really have no idea. So, I won’t be able to tell you about that.

I’ve recently closed an IDFC first 10k Account. I visited the branch 3 times to close it but they didn’t close my account. It was stills showing in the app and I was getting the text messages to maintain MAB every month. I visited the branch and they said that ignore those messages, your account is closed. But when I talked to customer care on call, they told me that my account is still in active state.
Then I emailed them to close my account and after 3 days they closed my account. (I was so happy because I didn’t know that It is possible via an email)

Did they state the reason that the college that you study is not in their list or something?

Have you tried contacting their customer care or twitter??


If there have any AMC charges on debit card in 10k variant account

Yes i connected with customer care , but thay are unabel to provide my collage in their listing list.
Thay only told if you are a UG student, you open future FIRST Account from any branch

Try twitter too. You might get lucky :slightly_smiling_face:

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IDFC Future first acct is for students studying in premier/identified educational institutes of India.Every student is not eligible, they can refuse the request based on it. I am from IIT, got this account within an hour. They asked my university ID card.

(⁠~⁠‾⁠▿⁠‾⁠)⁠~ …and for students of IGNOU ?

what’s the benefit from such account other than zero balance ?

Lifetime free platinum debit card and much more banking service is free

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Did you create account from IDFC branch located near to ur aadhaar address location? @surya_teja In my case, branch people informed me as “You can create this account only at IDFC branch with same aadhaar address area pincode.”

Just to clarify, do you work in IDFC bank? If so I think it would be better to send the proof to @Shawnpinto for the safety of the members of this community.

Shawn can you look into this?

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