Idea- Jupiter Wrapped

Can we do something similar to Spotify wrapped?

Jupiter has the data. We can pull this off.

For example, imagine a neat little presentation for 30 seconds generated for every customer. It’s custom baked just for them.

Most merchant shopped at?
Highest amount spent?
Cash saved with deals using Jupiter?

We can do this once every quarter, or annual. The idea is to celebrate Jupiter’s relationship with every individual customer. Make us feel LOOOOOOVEEEEEDD. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@nateavi Remember last year’s Jupiter wrapped?
We need to bring that up again, huh.

But better :sunglasses:

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Ahhh man I think I missed it. We def need it back- and better

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Check these out :point_down:t3:

This was our video :rocket:

Oh and our community platform gives us year end wrap too! - From Discourse.
But this goes out automatically on Jan 1st, 2023 :date:

This was last years -

Psst, we’re thinking of a Community wrapped too.
We had so many events and fun topics this year, shall we do it?

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I don’t remember seeing it, but super cool!!!

@nateavi Guess what, it’s happening for this year too :slight_smile:

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