ICICI Bank Revises Annual Fee for Debit Cards


If more banks go ahead to increase fees , I feel people will stop renewing debit cards. Especially, if you don’t use for shopping and day to day use (UPI is more preferred)

The only use case I see is for cash withdrawal which may change to soon to cardless withdraw.

Curious what banks are doing to promote card usage.

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Guess debit cards will become a luxury ultimately… :grimacing:

This news piece looks a little misleading. Yes they have increased debit card prices but only their premium range of debit cards not all. ICICI Bank still has the cheapest basic debit card in this country at 150+gst per year. No other bank is offering a basic card at this price with 1 lakh ATM withdrawal limit and 3 lakhs ECOM/POS limit.


SBI debit cards are 125+GST


Yes. I have it too. Sorry I meant to say one of the cheapest. Also SBI basic card has very low ATM and ECOM/POS limit.

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Especially with more and more banks supporting aadhar UPI