How to redeem digital gold (invested throught redeeming jupiter jewels) without Jupiter saving account?

If i dont have Jupiter saving account and i have digital gold due to redeeming of Jupiter jewels than how to redeem that digital gold?

Do i have to provide alternative bank account?

What is the procedure?

Also please share which companies gift vouchers available for redeeming jupiter jewels?

Hai @Gitskill99 Welcome to the Community.
If am not wrong, a user need Jupiter account for redeeming Jupiter jewels for cash/gold/vouchers.
At present, the following company gift cards are available on Jupiter.

  • Zomato- 100Rs- 500 Jewels
  • Uber- 50 Rs- 250 Jewels
  • Flipkart- 50 Rs- 250 Jewels
  • Amazon- 100Rs- 500 Jewels

If you don’t have a Jupiter savings account, then how you earn jewels.

May be He got Edge credit card.


I have Jupiter Edge credit card only. How digital gold is redeemed if you don’t have Jupiter saving account?

Maybe @Shawnpinto can answer this type of query.

@Gitskill99 suggest you write an email to That’s the most apt source to confirm this as well as guide you with the next steps.