How To Close Demat Account have Create SIP

How to close Demat Account. What is my Demat Account here.

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We noticed that you have some query, but unfortunately, I did not fully understand what you were asking. Can you please share your query in details so that we can better understand and provide you with an accurate answer.

@Zayn , Jupiter offers Mutual Fund investment services under parent company’s licence Amica Investment Advisors Private Limited. I don’t believe they currently open demat accounts.

If you want to see your SIPs and do something to them try this .
Steps to view SIPs

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As other members have already pointed out, the title/topic of your post and the query posted under it are unclear and do not match. I strongly suggest that you edit your post with your actual queries to avoid confusion and ensure that members can provide relevant and accurate responses.

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If me know where is my Demat Account I can close easy. My Question is when I Start SIP here so before Invest we need Demat Account here. In Jupiter SIP START what platform Demat Account my . Simple language bolna chata ho mene SIP invest Kiya or ab chata ho nai karna SIP so mene cancel kar Diya but . Before Invest SIP jo Demat Account bann ta hai edar. Vo mujhe Delete karna kyc other information jo mene update ki hai Demat Account.

Simple i want Close My Demat Account.

@Zayn to invest in Mutual Funds you do not need a demat account. Hence, if you have started your investments with Jupiter, you can redeem them and get the money credited to your account.

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Ok. So What about CAMSKYC Doing here before Start SIP First Do some KYC like adhaar - pancard - Selfie - Digital Signature All doing here online before Invest SIP in Jupiter.

I was prompted to complete my KYC to open my Jupiter account. After that, when I started my mutual fund SIPs, i was not prompted to complete any further KYC.

Having said, as per SEBI guidelines, KYC is compulsory to start investing in mutual funds. That does not necessarily open a Dmat account.

I know. But maybe Jupiter update before Invest SIP compulsory KYC Demate Account. Check now invest SIP First Time u need Demat Account kyc…

Ok Thank u . For all Reply My query here.

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You do not require a Demat account to invest in mutual funds, and Jupiter does not facilitate the opening of Demat accounts. The KYC process you have completed is for your investment account, which will allow you to invest in mutual funds.

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