How many banks in india provide 24X7 customer support via Call?

I know for some essential stuff ( fraud reporting/card blocking) services available 24X7 but for general stuff (which may be important for the user) services are available only till 5pm/6/8pm max.

None that I am aware of. Niyo Gobal provides 24x7 support but for most banking related queries I have been asked to reach them during business hours

One of them is PNB. I think canara bank also will be in the list.

I got two virtual rupay yes bank credit cards (shared limit with my primary card)
As per my analysis, i applied for the first one via yes bank website & second one applied via application on the same day & same card… After few days Both virtual rupay card got approved…
Very interesting case :smiley:


So far my experience is good. Sometimes, call gets connected to dumb customer care persons. Depends on our luck. @Abhinav_Goyal

Sbm india customer support 24X7 without any IVR drama … But during rush hours waittime may be higher

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