How Jupiter Mony Generates Income

How does Jupiter Mony generate income? Their debit card is free. No other banking charges. Then how does Jupiter Mony exist? If it is cash back, there are more rewards

@Febin_Shad I am not sure about income generation of jupiter. I think they are running on seed funds (I am not pro at these terms and things, i am not sure if it is called so)

Wait till some main folks at jupiter answers this question :eyes:.

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To start with, they’d be getting a cut for each new Jupiter user that joins the platform. The Federal-Jupiter deal will be in such a way that both benefits when users load money and transact.

But the most lucrative would be their investments, borrowing and lending business under development. Then there are bill payments, brand partnerships etc.

More to follow? :eyes:


Jupiter Mony ഭാവിയിൽ ജിയോ യുടെ പാത പിന്തുടരുമോ

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@Febin_Shad most people in this community doesnt speak malayalam so its beter to stick with english :crazy_face: Its still unclear which path they would choose :neutral_face:

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I replied in Malayalam because you are Malayalam :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: