Honest Advertising

I don’t understand why advertise like-

“Enjoy up to 7%# interest p.a. on your Savings Account balance”.

And at the bottom of advertise in small font size:

#For balances above 1 lakh.’

There are two types on reactions on above advertise:

1)One who ignores ‘#’ and gets excited about the offer and opens the account with bank and later on feels cheated as half information was provided.

2)One who checks what that ‘#’ means. After reading the clause he may or may not open account but would not have full trust on that system.

I understand using foot notes for long explanation but using for such small and important details is misleading, especially when the platform is digital.


This all started with sale advertisements by different brands, mainly clothing.

When only one player does, it’s damage to their brand. But, when the whole industry does, it’s normal.


Great take at this @hemanthchandra62

@rushabhd97 Transparency and '#" less banking is what we will strive for. We definitely want to build in that direction, where the user is empowered to take a decision and has all the information in hand.


I think everyone almost expects there to be some terms and conditions with everything.
So there are two kinds of such advertisement i have seen

1.) Advertising their best product ( 7% interest rate p.a., which might only apply for over 1 crore investment for example ). This i understand , there is limited space both physical and mental.You will advertise only your best product.
2.) Get 2000K cashback on booking from us. ( But wait , you can use only Rs 50 of this cashback on a flight worth rupees 3000) . This is just to grab eyeballs, and make a fool of the user.

Second group i never transact with. They have zero user compassion and might as well loot me someday.

Now the first group is interesting -
Some companies try to willfully hide information and trick the users. Those are the ones to watch out for.
Make the information accessible for everyone. Don’t hide it under contracts or some un-indexed website. Tell me about the charges upfront , give me all information.
I should feel like a winner after transacting with you and not a loser.


Very similar to under promise and over deliver. And dont trick the user. I have been tricked into opening an account by HDFC when I was buying their credit card as far as i remember - saying that auto pay can be set up.

But wasnt mandatory, I was just bullied into opening the account.

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If only all banks were as Honest as this Swiss Bank :grimacing:

Any Interesting Bank adverts you’ll have come across?


We have so many examples on 1st and 2nd kind of companies in India.

Regarding honest brands:
I have bought insurance from Acko - they say that their prices are cheaper than others. It was cheap. And they explain as to why they are able to make the prices cheap - no middleman and middleman in insurance are costly affair.

They also do a clean job at making things very clear and crisp. I had a hiccup once, I bought an insurance of third party only instead of comprehensive one - they called, refunded suggested me the steps to take and was resolved within 10 mins. Loved their customer support.

^^ This company is going to become massive like lemonade in USA.


I am not sure if it’s right or wrong. Some banks usually do it because they can get cheap access to cash and provide credit. Getting a savings account or fixed deposit at 7 percent, and using that money for a 10.5 percent loan, is a good margin for banks, from a Bank perspective.
One fair practice should be 7 percent for all savings account, and barriers like above 1 lakh deposit be removed. This helps in a good brand for the Bank.

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