Hi its Avinash here, is it right time to invest in MF

Hi i just want to know that market is getting low and is it the wright time to invest in MF…

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There are two right times to plant a tree, one was 20 years ago and the other is now.

Return is directly proportional to Risks

Stocks of a specific company may be risky but investment in mutual and index funds give low-risk low return (comparatively low risk.)

(Investing is subject to market risk.)

Edited later: The low market is right time to invest for beginners. It is the starting option for investors to take maximum profit when stock rise.
Only person who should be tense about low market is who want to short their position(sell stocks) at that time.

Market (index) definately rises with time in future. Sometimes with high rate sometimes with low. [Not talking about stocks of any specific company]