Which is your Favourite Mutual Fund On Jupiter?

Share your favourite mutual fund/ the mutual fund in which you have invested and what was your physiology behind it.

I have invested in Nippon India’s growth fund after seeing the last 3 years’ return.
So, Excuse me, are you invested in mutual funds? Because you seem like someone who knows how to diversify and make their money work for them.

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@Shawnpinto Do you invest in Mutual Funds?

@Devansh_Bartwal Nope, but I do invest in Digital gold :cool_cat:


I have invested in FD for emergency funds as the interest rate when accounted for compounding turns to be around 7.6% which is good.


Being, student hardly have lumsum of 30k-40k spare money, so Mutual fund’s return is not worthy compare to risk for that much of small money.

MF/ stocks is only good if you have enough of spare money.

With Less money is not worthy even after 12% and also have risk. Above 18% is kinda ok.

There is many opportunities to earn more returns than MF/Stocks. You just need to find these. (Only applicable for small money)

I felt ‘Savings + ROI’ is one of best combination.

More money is even ok with less ROI
But Less money need high ROI. :upside_down_face:

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How much money would you consider large enough?

That’s not true, actually I started my investing journey with just 500rs.

While in the short term, there may be times where it seems like you’re not getting great returns, it’s important to stay committed to your investments and hold on through all the market fluctuations. By doing so, you’ll likely see the long-term benefits of your investment decisions.

Investment is always about consistency and discipline.

I am also a student. Even one time is great I think.

I’ve invested 10k in mutual funds.
5k in Quant Flexi Cap and 5k in Nippon India Power and Infra Fund.
Two separate SIP of 1k also there. (Quant Small Cap Direct growth and Nippon India Small Cap fund).

I want to some suggestions whether it’s wise to invest 5 lac in Quant Small cap fund or not?

Hi Asif,

If you’re investing a large sum of money, most people usually:

  1. split it across a few funds or
  2. invest it in an index fund

In order to avoid too much risk or concentration (all your eggs in one basket).

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That’s not true. If you have less money, you need a high ROI, and if you have more money, then you’re okay with a low ROI. It actually depends on your risk factor, the amount you want to earn, and your monthly earning and budget.

Additionally, bonds are also a good alternative to fixed or recurring deposits, and investing in digital gold is another option.

So Aastha ma’am, multiple hybrid funds would be a good option?
It’s my first time investing in Mutual funds.At present :smiling_face_with_tear: my return is - ₹94 (negative).