Loss on Mutual Funds

After joining NiyoX, I thought of making some investment in Mutual Funds. Accordingly I invested as below:
Jan 14 - ₹ 50,000
Jan 17 - ₹ 40,000
MF is being praised and recommended for its good returns.
Today I saw in my NiyoX App that to my utter disappointment, both the above investments lost nearly ₹4,800 !
Is this loss normal? When do I get good returns?

Have you research before investing?

Mutual fund are subject to market risk!

What type of funds have you invested in?

And you may try to diversify by investing in high risk w/ high return funds and in index funds with low returns.

And, 5.3% unrealized loss is normal if you have invested in any high risk funds.

Google “zerodha varsity” , go through website or app. Its better to clear basics before investing, else anyone could get scared by equity volatility.

Do not watch your returns daily if you are a long term investor.
I do not know which funds you invested in but NIFTY went down by almost 1000 points in last 10 days so did your MF.
Start SIP and buy lumpsum on dips.

Is this you? If yes then your complaint is already resolved by Niyo Community Manager.