Hi! I'm Karishma, Partnership Manager at Jupiter 👋

Hi Community,

Before I introduce myself, I would like to give a huge shoutout to each and everyone of you - for your constant engagement, feedback and patience!

My name is Karishma and I joined Jupiter in August 2020 to work on product and channel partnerships, so my work ranges from discussions/ negotiations with the bank to exploring channels that we can onboard users through. My background is largely in VC and transaction advisory in India and Africa, but I couldn’t stay away from the start up action in India! As someone who was moving back to India after over five years abroad, I personally felt the pain of re-integrating into a banking system that didn’t serve my needs as a digital-first user and the absence of single platofrm that took care of all my money matters - which is really the long and short of how I found myself at Jupiter!

I’ve lived and worked across three continents and a dozen cities. I love a good challenge that ranges from finding investment opportunities in Zambia to completing a marathon with limited running experience. I get especially excited talking about all things fintech, organizational culture and diversity, food, wine and binge-worthy shows (its quite a range!).

I’d love to hear from you!

What would that one add-on be that you’d like with your Jupiter bank account:
  • Insurance (Health/ Personal Device Insurance)
  • OTT Subscription
  • Fitness Membership/ Subscription
  • Others (Reply here with your thoughts!)

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Apart from digitial marketing, how can we make discovering and engaging with Jupiter easier for your friends and family?


I don’t know how feasible it is but Benefits on Travel (Lounge Access and Stuff ) seems like a nice add-on


Hi Karishma

When I look at Bank account, I see it as my finance partner. Hence an OTT or Fitness Membership doesn’t stand out as much. Insurance is definitely off value but I as an investor, I would like Free Demat account or something on those lines

I think a free demat account with Zerodha(mf and stocks) will be a good start along with insurance but finance is the more important one. Nice to see the commitment hope it continues.

As far as I understand, when anything comes bundled, I am worried about the costs which I somehow may need to bare in one way or the other.
I would suggest to see if it would be feasible strategy to give a bare minimum account service as basic and try putting a value tag to any other value added service like demat or subscriptions. To start with let the value be in single digits as promotion offer. I don’t want to be guilt ridden for not being able to utilise any of the services!
I realise that economics of scale what drives down the costs, but yeah with digital we can go a step forward and have different no. Of adopters for different services!

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