Hi, I'm Angana, Content creator at Jupiter πŸ‘‹

A huge part of my work happens inside my head at 2 am, conjuring up wild ideas that can make banking seem less dreary.
The next day, I tame those ideas and put them into words while I craft error messages that can pacify a user, write newsletters about the elusiveness of money, and spend time on advertising subreddit posts about bacon cryptocurrency.

Contrary to popular belief that writing is a solitary pursuit, I think talking to people is the most important part of my job. Because the more people you connect with, the more real stories you get to tell, and more people connect to them.

Outside of work, I perform standup comedy just to put myself out there and keep my personality sprinkled with a decent amount of self-doubt, because that’s when the best writing flows : P Jokes apart, I think the best writing is human and authentic, even if it’s missing an Oxford comma or two.

P.s. The next time you get an email from Jupiter, hit me up with your thoughts.


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