Have you signed up on the Firstlist yet?

Agree. We have provided so many feedback to them. They sould have announced it beforehand that niyo IDFC is a pilot project. Anyway IDFC bank app itself is so feature full so I am not gonna miss the niyo IDFC app at all.

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True. They have only announced about ditching their IDFC app . Not sure what will happen once the current debit card expires. Will IDFC continue this particular product in near future!! A lot needs to be answered.

Anyway letโ€™s not hijack the thread with something that is not related to Jupiter.

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Yeah signed up already but waiting to land on jupiterr :grinning:

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Firstlist in ending tomorrow at 4th July, Midnight IST.

Be sure to sign up if you havenโ€™t already! And refer to be on top of the list to get early access and the most rewards :slight_smile: