Gift cards valuation

All the gift cards have been devalued to 1%

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Can you elaborate?

That was eventually bound to happen


On 4th, I purchased an Uber voucher and earned 100 Jewels on it.

isn’t 1 Jewel now worth 20 paise only ?
that means it’s not even 1%

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Sad same, gift card was one of the reasons I was using Jupiter. 1% cashback is peanuts. Probably onecard would be better rn.

@Krishnendu_Chowdhury I was wondering the same thing.

So it’s 0.2%.

@Devansh_Bartwal I feel you… But I am thinking this is a good thing. The business is getting confident that they are producing value and so rewards are not important. People who would generate revenue would stick with it.

There is no point in giving out rewards for 2 years and then the business goes under. I think we have multiple examples of that. It’s our time and effort wasted too. Instead the business gets customers, then it makes money, flourishes and adds value to your life. Now that’s more important for the business and the customers are also getting recurring value from a sustainable business.

Jupiter is going from growth to profitability. That’s why these changes are showing.

Yes it feels like we are left behind as Jupiter grows. OnePlus story comes to my mind. In case you don’t understand, early adopters who bought OnePlus One would understand.

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Just remembered… The same thing happened with Cred as well.