Future of Neo Banks

The features and the facilities being provided by Jupiter are unmatchable to any other banking service provider. The main thing is they are constantly trying to improve and every 2-3 months we are actually seeing the updates. BUT THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF THESE NEO-BANKS ARE HAUNTING ME. THEY ARE OPERATING AT A LOSS. Jupiter was in loss of 164 crores last financial year. Do you guys think neo banks will be able to survive and be in profit in the upcoming years ?

Unless RBI grants license to Neo banks… they won’t make much of impact.


Jupiter sure is doing a fab job with banking. But when the banking behemoths get wind of this and ape the features and ease of use, neobanks are screwed.

Thankfully, the big banks won’t. Because they are huge, and slow to change. So either nope, or they’ll take over a few years down the line.

Until then, go neobanks!!