Focus on Salaried Customers

It is sad to see Jupiter is also currently focusing on features for the Salaried Customers, like the old traditional banks.

Maybe this is how a business runs focusing and providing services to Valuable Indivisual which can yield higher returns, I don’t know about this, I’m not sure.

I have been optimistic about Jupiter because it is a so called “Neo Bank”

Maybe you will bring features for others as well, if specially I need to mention then “Students”

But for now, It was exciting at the beginning and days passing by it feels more like a traditional bank, I hope that dosen’t happens.


We are launching products for all key segments. not sure whether that can be construed as focus on only salaried if we launched a product for specific segment


That’s really nice to see more account variants focused on different segments other than salary accounts in the future.

First of all Thanks for giving a reply.

I don’t know if you have used any traditional banks before, or maybe you didn’t faced the issues there because There the thing is "The higher amount of money you host with our Bank, the better and prioritised features and services you get from us"

Maybe this is the funda of this business, but what happens here (traditional banking institutions) is the good quality services and all the cool features are only restricted to a higher variant A/C Holders, naturally a salaried person or a top notch businessman holds that kind of accounts and gets all the facility.

On the other hand the young students, the womens from the rural areas have a lower variant of account in which we don’t get proper services, offers, rewards, cashback etc and need to pay a tons of other charges.

This system can be seen on any Traditional Bank you pick, and this creates a mindset that a low earning individual can’t dream for good service, reward, etc.

As Jupiter is a Neo Bank, so I have the expectation from it to be a little different. You guys launched a Account Variant targeting a specific kind of users, designed according to their needs thats OKAY and thats great to see as well.

But if this continues in future like a Curated Account for the Students/Women/Senior Citizens, where they have their own benifits, offers and rewards designed as per their needs then the my interest to a Neo Bank will fulfilled successfully, without a lot of discrimination just based on the current wealth.

And if not possible, then bless me so that I can finish my studies successfully and maybe then get a Job and upgrade my account to Salary Pro :joy:, Its okay I will wait 6-7 years for that…

I may be messed this message a lot, but if you were able to understand what I’m trying to say, then I will look forward to you and your team.