Few bugs your developer should look on

Actually few bugs I want to report.

  1. At the time of logging the biometric doesn’t work. Everytime I do biometric it fails and I have to use MPin. So that should not happen. As I use phone pay, gpay. This issue never occurred. So the three factor authentication your developers are using have a bug. The solution for this is try to make the authentication factor better till than don’t give biometric option. Because it’s not user friendly.

  2. Most important one when I do scan and pay option and I give access to all the permission it get exited from the app. So this should not happen while doing payment. So you need to test it properly before making things to go live on production.

That’s all. Overall it’s okay.


Hey @Sonam_Jha, Welcome to the community :wave:t4:

Thanks for sharing this :grin:

Could you let us know what’s your device model and the app version?
Let us know how often you’ve been facing the Biometric fail issue and the app exits when you give the permissions - Isn’t this one time though? It shouldn’t be asking for the 2nd time. Unless, you re-install the app.

Also, I’d need a few details so that we can check what went wrong and where. Pinging you on private messages.

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I am also facing the same issue , I hope your team will fix it ASAP