Feel the Vibration when QR is scanned

I am using the Jupiter app for a while and the payments were smooth. One thing I noted is while scanning the QR there should be a vibration (like we have in Phonepe and Amazonpay). It will make us easily understand that the QR has been scanned correctly and it will take a few seconds to process it.

Hope you will try to fix it. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@sujithjaya I believe when a QR code is done scanning and confirmed, it quickly shows the details of the merchant. This is how the user know it worked. I think the vibration bit is extra. Unless, it has a different purpose.

I beg to differ. The vibration bit is not extra.
It tells you that you don’t have to keep showing the qr code in a much more efficient way.
Also, the qr codes are not instantly processed. They take a few seconds sometimes when the round thing is rotating. Having a vibrating feedback to let the user know that he doesn’t need to keep holding the phone is aesthetically pleasing and probably increases ease of usage.
Having recent payees at the bottom of the “scan and pay” screen increases ease of usage as well. Is that anywhere in the list of features to be implemented?


Ah true. In the case, having vibration makes sense. We’ll let the team know about this.

For recent payees in the scanner, we are thinking about this.

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