Feature Request of APCPDCL

  • The idea- of course
    APCPDCL is currently not available in Jupiter bank, requesting for the feature of APCPDCL to add.
  • The problem it solves
    By adding APCPDCL to Jupiter Bank, users from the state of Andhra Pradesh can able to make their Electricity payments from the Jupiter Bank itself.
  • How do you go about it solving right now?
    It is not an issue, it’s a request for the feature.

I’m a user of Jupiter Bank from the state of Andhra Pradesh, So I decided to make the electricity payment to Jupiter Bank, I navigated to the electricity section and there I didn’t find the board of APCPDCL, I need to pay the electricity bill to the board of APCPDCL, but there is no board related to the state of Andhra Pradesh, So I created this post for the feature request of adding APCPDCL to the electricity section in the Jupiuter Bank.


@MR_ASK_Chay please edit the message to provide complete details of your query.

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@yagnesh01 Done

Dear @MR_ASK_Chay , Welcome to the community.
When it comes to the addition of APCPDCL, Jupiter may not have the capability to take action. Its functionality relies on the Bharat Bill Payment System. I have checked both Postpe and Flipkart Pay Later, which utilize Bharat Bill Pay, but I couldn’t locate the APCPDCL option there either. Perhaps it will be added in the near future. :+1:

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The observation is apt. This biller is available on CRED. I believe as the usage of the bill payment feature continues to gain traction, additional billers will get added

Cred might be using billdesk but Jupiter uses BBPS. hence the difference.

@specter Cred also uses BBPS.

Oh. May be not for everything I guess.
Because if all banks are onboarded to BBPS, we would have seen other banks on Jupiter CC payment section.
Right now only kotak and bob onboarded to BBPS.

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