Fake offer (Amazon voucher) by jupiter on upgrade to salary account

I started using Jupiter with a basic account. On the Jupiter mobile app, there was an offer that said I would get more benefits and a ₹500 Amazon voucher if I upgraded to a salary account. So, I shared my bank details with my HR and upgraded my account from basic to salary. However, it has been 6 days and I still haven’t received the voucher. I tried to reach customer care, but they said there is no such offer. I have screenshots to prove it. I’m now very disappointed and have decided to move my account back to my previous bank, HDFC.

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It is clearly mentioned under the Terms and Conditions section on the Jupiter app.
You will receive your 500 Rs Amazon Voucher after your first salary credit to the salary account of Jupiter.Vouchers will be sent to your email id within 30 days

Salary is already created, and if there is such conditions then bank customer care persons should aware about it.

I suggest you to mail your issue to support@jupiter.money and create a support ticket.
I hope you get more details then. :v:t2:

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Mine is salary account since 5 months but I didn’t received any Amazon voucher

Doesn’t it recently introduced offer?
I started seeing this offer on the app only few days ago. So I don’t know much about this Amazon voucher offer.

Thanks for your support, i just have received a mail from customer care with the said voucher :pray::saluting_face:

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@Sagarw76 Delighted to hear that your issue is resolved :star_struck: :star_struck:
Since your concern has been addressed, I recommend closing this thread by marking it as a ‘Solution.’
Wishing you a fantastic banking experience with Jupiter :v:t2: :cool_doge:

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