Experience with wealth management services

Has anyone here worked with a wealth management service?

I am talking about the likes of CapitalMind, fiduciaries.in etc. how has the experience been? Have they added value? Fees worth it?

Also, are there more accessible ones? Capital Mind for examples needs 50 Lakhs to start with and Fiduciaries costs 80,000 per year.


Capitalmind 50L threshold is for their PMS service, which is a SEBI rule. It was infact 25L till last year. PMS is where they manage your money.

They have a plan without the PMS service where they advice and you manage the money yourself. This is a more popular service ofcourse and membership costs about ₹15,000 per year. I’ve been a member since last year, can share more details on it.

There are more such DIY communities on slack, telegram, watsapp groups. Smallcase is another channel now infact for those who are looking for just model portfolios to follow.

Weekend Investing and StockAxis have done a good track record with their model portfolios. I still find CM as a good balance of financial research, model portfolios and a finance community for open ended discussions.

There are subreddits as well. The paid chanels have a better signal/noise filter, but you’d see the difference once you try.


Could you please share more details here for everyone’s benefit :slight_smile: