Error while setting up SIP

while trying to invest from jupiter app and select set up SIP i am getting the below error we couldn’t fetch your details

Hey @kramesh2kr Are you still facing this?

hi shawn yes

@Shawnpinto HI shawn tried now also, same issue

@Shawnpinto this seems to be user specific. I tested this with a small value SIP fund and was able to schedule a weekly SIP and also see it under the your SIPs tab.

@kramesh2kr Got it, can you raise this with the support team once? We’d like to check this and take it from there.

Sure , Can you help me on how to reach out to support team on this issue?

Appreciate your help

Sure @kramesh2kr :slight_smile:

You can reach out to us through in-app chat (headphone icon on the homepage), Email (, and via call support - +91 8655055086

thank you @Shawnpinto reaching out in chat from App