Emi on Edge CSB and FEDERAL Credit card

I wish there is option to convert Edge Credit Card Transactions to EMI. It might help some people like me.

Also, I found this details on T&C like Easy EMI/SMART EMI and Dial On EMI, It might be a error. But I am just curious to know.


Hai @asrtamizh Welcome to the community.

Maybe the team is working on it. Having EMI facilities on credit cards is always useful. Let’s hope @Lizann_Fernandez can confirm this.

End of June release


Thank You

Dear boss, if possible, Please introduce features like add on cards and limit enhancement too.

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Hello, @Jiten and @razack

I am writing to request that you please consider adding an EMI option for card payments. Paying the minimum due amount is quite high due to the interest and it is difficult for me to pay the entire outstanding amount at once due to a recent medical emergency. I would greatly appreciate it if you could prioritize the implementation of an EMI option for converting transactions ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


Customer care also said that they planning to launch at end of june. Hope It will be available soon.


I hope this is true, as it will help me a lot. I’ve been struggling to pay the minimum due for the past two months, and the interest on top of it is outrageous. I’m looking forward to this option as soon as possible. :sob:

Recent update from @Jiten, It will planned to be available on 3rd week of June.
Let wait.


That’s great news! I’m looking forward to it. Thank you very much for the update.


@Jiten is there any new update regarding the EMI on CC? Looking forward to it.

Is it end of June already???
No, ask again in July.


Sorry for that. I will wait, Thankyou.

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@jiten dude before you release any more useless, worthless and unreliable products/services into the market how about you do some improvements on the existing things. This CSB rupay card just sucks big time. Always keeps getting declined no matter what.

@Priyanka_Mat I would suggest you to go with HDFC and select from the array of credit they have to offer. They have better products better customer services and of course fast resolution. Jupiter is just full of marketing. All that glitters is not gold and for sure jupiter credit cards are definetly not gold.

Actually, I am no longer interested in obtaining any credit cards. I am quite literally stuck with this one due to the No EMI options. I am simply waiting for them to introduce an EMI option so that it will be easier for me to pay my monthly credit card bills. I have been stuck paying only the minimum dues for the past 3 months now. It’s dreadful. :unamused:

Could you please expedite the process of making the EMI option available? I would greatly appreciate it if it could be implemented before my next billing date. I understand that you may have had your reasons for not offering this option from the beginning, but I believe it would be beneficial for both customers and the company. Thank you for your consideration.

Please hurry the hell up!

It’s not a best card out there. But a decent one in my opinion for someone who don’t have other banks cards. I agree with declining issues. We can’t be sure when transaction gets declined. But with Rupay CC UPI, it is useful to start.

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@Priyanka_Mat My suggestion is to apply for a new credit card from any other reputed and reliable banks. You can select HDFC or ICICI bothe have great customer service teams. And with the new credit card recharge or load any wallet like mobikwik wallet etc. Then transfer the wallet to bank and then clear the dues in the bloody jupiter and close it for good. Now all the dues from your jupiter will have been shifted to your new credit card. Now there are a plenty of EMI options and infact HDFC gives discounts on processing fees if you tell call them or you can their banking website to convert things into EMI very easily in just a few mins. If you still need any more clarifications on this reply to this thread. I will clear them off. Jupiter is basically looting you from every month and every day.

Bro this is not a decent card. It’s probably one of the worst cards one can have or for one to start with. People who use this card as their first wi for sure never use credit cards in their lifetime thanks to the amazing product these guys have made. To Be honest This is definitely the worst credit card ever. I am using more than 10+ cards from different banks with a credit line of more than 12lakhs. Still jupiter is the worst of all these I ever used