Doubt about add on Credit card

Hi guys,

I’m thinking to get a supplementary card on my brothers Doctors Sbi credit card. I’ve few questions-

  1. Will the card number be different or same as the primary card?

  2. Will I get Credit card statement on my name or primary card holders name?

  3. How my Cibil score will be impacted?

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Guys… any advice?

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I am not sure about add-on credit cards as I don’t hold any…

But I’ll try… Maybe our Friends can correct me if I am wrong.

Q1. Yes. The card number will be different
Q2. The credit account is the same. So the statement will be in primary card holder’s name
Q3. Your CIBIL score may not be impacted as I don’t suppose you will give your PAN card - but if you do, then it will be affected. Still I suppose the sole responsibility of repayment will lie with the primary account holder - Your Dr.Brother. :wink:


Card numbers may be different or same, depends on the bank. I’m not sure about SBI. HDFC add on card number is same, Amex, BoB have different card numbers.
Statement again depends on the bank. For HDFC, BoB, Amex, there is a single statement but Standard Chartered generates separate statement for supplementary card. Again, not sure about SBI.
Coming to CIBIL impact, again it depends on bank. Amex reports it as a separate account and it reflects in my CIBIL report. So, for every add on card, I have an extra account. BoB, HDFC are not there but they also did not require the supplementary card holder PAN. Recently I applied for IDFC supplementary card for my father and his PAN number was required. He even needs to have his video kyc done for that. Again, not sure about SBI.
I do have SBI Simply click card but I don’t use it much.


Let me ask my friend who hold sbi cards.

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Here is the response from Credit Card Expert


Thanks a lot guys.

This is why I love this community :heart: