Do you go to the theater to watch movies? 🎬 🎟

why this poll?

I want to know, what offers community members know. I will also add if any offer i know. It will help to save each other.

Also Comment down which offer you use to Book Tickets? If don’t then choose option 'I Don’t use any offer.

Do you go to the theater to watch movies?:clapper::tickets:

  • Once in month😎

  • Once in 3 months🤩

  • Once in 6 months😄

  • Once in year🙂

  • No, I don’t like🙃

  • I don’t use any offer to book tickets🙁

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There’s a great hack to save money on movie tickets at pvr that you can try. :popcorn:
First, purchase PVR gift vouchers from Magicpin and get a flat discount of 21% on your purchase. Once you have the voucher, simply visit the PVR official website and use it to book your movie tickets there. This way, you can save your money and enjoy movies at a discounted price. :wink:


If you’re not familiar with Magicpin yet, you can check it out here.
[Magicpin is a platform that offers a variety of deals and discounts on popular brands gift voucher.]


:heavy_plus_sign: Added. Thanks, I was not aware about this.

Will we get 1% extra by using Jupiter DC?:grin:


Sadly :slightly_frowning_face: card payments are not allowed. Only you can pay via UPI.


Using CRED’s 25% Cashback up to Rs.125 at times. This is for PVR.
Going once a month as well :eyes:

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@saurabh.s @Shawnpinto

You may find this useful :+1:

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