Designed a stock feature on the Jupiter app

Hi I am Ankit a designer, i got a graduation project where i have designed a stock feature on the Jupiter app
This is the time to get some feedback here is the testing link :point_left:t4:


Hey @AnkitDutta , the link gives us a 404 error :blob_sweat:

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Could you please try this link


Could you please try this link


it’s actually cool :) you have cloned the ui nicely


You did fab work man! Kudos…
@Shawnpinto Did you check the design? What are your views on it?


I saw it! There was a screen for the investments tab. @Devansh_Bartwal
The first thing I saw was:

  1. The stocks icon with the red dot (Indicating it’s new or I’ve not opened it yet)
  2. I scrolled down and clicked on the banner - Find my stocks, was asked with questions.

This is good to personalise stock options for beginners or to get user behaviour data.

  1. Landed on the stocks tab, love the minimal design and really liked how @AnkitDutta was able to keep it just like our current investments tab. The UI looks very similar when we scroll through our MF, FD’s etc.

  2. Stock space is interesting. +10000 to this idea :rocket:
    If those are conversations that lead to our Community, that would be the best.

  3. Loved the news concepts too. Helps keeps us in check.

  4. This whole tab would make me come to the app everyday, just to read the news, suggestions and Q&A (if relatable) and check status of my stock.

Pretty well done.
@AnkitDutta Can we connect? I’d want you to meet our investments product design team. Lemme know :party_parrot:


I’m glad you like my design Shawn I’d love to meet the investment product design team let’s connect on linkedin


Sure! Will do. Thanks @AnkitDutta


Hey @AnkitDutta ,

I am designer at Jupiter working on investment product. Heartfelt that you chose to pick an investment product of all the possible banking offering to take as your project. May be you made our life a little easier whenever we build one! :fire:

Apart from detailed feedback already from @Shawnpinto , few standouts for me:

  1. How you have gone to cover entire user journey. Starting from discovery, collecting user data, giving recommendation and buy stock/set a SIP flow. Closely adhering to existing investment UI elements to ensure consistency between similar offering. A fully functional prototype is cherry on the cake

  2. Giving social channel for users to discuss stocks, get more confidence towards investing

  3. Giving multiple ways to explore, recommendation, interest, basis trends, etc

  4. How Risk vs returns is foundation for entire experience. be it on stock page, watchlist, etc

Some feedback from my experience of designing a couple of investing products here:

  1. Bringing in more cues to excite user to pick one over the other investment option basis their preference. Returns is one such strong hook

  2. Stocks is exciting choice among available investment methods but also often associated with fear of losing money. How can we establish trust with stocks through markers, education to help user become more confident, etc

  3. Stocks can be intimidating for a lot of early starters. How we make our users confident by explaining industry jargons is also something worth exploring

  4. You can use green/red color to help user easily identify stocks with growth and fall

  5. Compare stocks within the category for better selection

And just some more… but we will save it for our conversation. Really appreciate the amount of effort you have put into this.

My teammates at Jupiter are very excited to learn your design journey with this project and how we can also help you make it better through some insights that we have :grinning:


It’s great to hear your feedback @aksis1 i really like how you talk about establishing trust without cutting jargon is something i also discover while doing user research.