Debit Card Order Related

Hi, I Have Doubt related about debit card in jupiter app. I already ordered and get that debit card before video kyc 5months back. But now only i cleared video kyc 3 days back. In Jupiter app Showing order new Debit card which is showing in debit card tab. That card details are new. Not that same of my before which i get. How to delete that new card ? How to add that old card details in that tab.?

No,it still working. I didn’t use the card but inside jupiter manage card token it showing my old card number active.

I don’t know how add money in that old debit card number? My jupiter virtual card number is different thats why iam here.

@EARider23 Heyo!
Let me guide you with the next steps for resolving this.
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In Jupiter app virtual Debit card number is same as physical Debit card.
This is technical issue or i think your card is block. Contact Jupiter Help centre.