Debit card details

I am not able to find debit card details in the app. It was easily accessible before. Has it been removed? How do you find it now in the app?

Hi @cric_freak Nice to see you back…
Have you updated to the latest version?
If so,
Home Page/ Home Screen > Click on the Debit Card Icon (just below to the add money option and next to Pay to Mobile icon)> Tap on “Tap to view card details”


If you can see a search icon on the top right side of the app, you can enter the keyword ‘Debit Card’ and search…Click on Debit card (Option is under 'Apply Payment Instrument)

Thanks @razack. I just can’t believe that I didn’t notice it. Will try to be more active moving forward. Have you got the edge credit card access because I still haven’t got it.


Nope…Eagerly waiting for the pre-approved WhatsApp message and the offer to pop up :grin: